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'Hillbilly Goddess' comes to Stony for Blueberr

Country bluegrass star Alecia Nugent, will be bringing her passionate style to the centre stage at the Blueberry Bluegrass Country 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Music Festival in Stony Plain next weekend.

The vocal artist from Louisiana will be making her first appearance at the festival and said she is excited to perform for a new Buy Cheap Jintropin Online crowd.

"I believe the biggest reward an artist like me can have is to go out and play these shows and to have the fans come up and say 'this is my first time to see you but I've Anabolic Steroids Examples listened to all of your records and this such in such song is something I can relate to, something I've gone through,' and it just touches them more than any song they ever listen to," said Nugent

"That's what makes us artists want to get back out there and do this as much as we do."

Her newest album released in May, "Hillbilly Goddess," was named after famous Nashville music critic Robert "Anaboliset Aineet" K. Oermann, called her a 'hillbilly goddess' in a review of her second album release party.

"We decided what a great title for a song and thought that we could write a song that some people could relate to. We thought it would be a cute, comical song," she said.

"I guess it's quite a complement. I'm from Louisiana and there are certainly no hillbillies there because it's all swampland so I'm certainly not a hillbilly not that I wouldn't be ashamed to Dianabol 5 Week Cycle be if I were."

Nugent grew up singing with her family band from the age of 15 as the lead singer and sang with them for 14 years before deciding she wanted to venture out on her own in 2000.

Her first album release was in 2004.

"You hope with some of your songs that you reach out to somebody and have it relate to something they've experienced in life. So most of my songs are life songs or story songs," Nugent added.

Nugent's deepest influence came from her father who taught her the 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone roots of bluegrass. Her country influence came from famous singers like George Jones, Dolly Parton and Reba McEntire as her biggest female influence.

"He has been a huge impact on my career because he is such a great producer and he knows how to get the best out of me. When you have somebody working with you that is that highly respected in this business then I think it goes a long way."

Nugent said her career highlight was performing for the Nashville Grand Ole Opry, a weekly country music radio program that broadcasts live and has made many country artist famous.

"It's great, it was one of buy cheap jintropin online the best experiences in the world but it's probably one of the only places I still get nervous."

Still Nugent said she enjoys the small town tours and is excited for her debut in Stony Plain.

"I hope it shows that we love what we do and it's good family entertainment so I think they should come out and hopefully Equipoise Erectile Dysfunction like some of the music we play."